Third Mind | A Custom Web Development Agency {who listens before making recommendations}
Third Mind is a custom web development agency that places a priority on customer service and support. We specialize in developing custom applications, business process automation, WordPress installations, and systems integration.
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{ . . . who listens before making recommendations}

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Third Mind designs and builds custom web-based systems. We specialize in highly-functional websites and online applications including business process automation, products to be sold as services (SaaS), and integration of disparate systems and services.

Let Us Create Software to Meet Your Unique Needs.
A Custom Focus

Our services best fit the client who has a critical need that isn’t fully satisfied by an existing service or product. While we may customize available products as part of an overall solution, our custom development extends beyond the box.

Utilizing Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, mySQL , Ruby on Rails and WordPress, our development effort encompasses 4 types of applications:

Custom Applications

Unique software made specifically for your needs.

Process Automation

Software developed to automate business tasks.

Custom WordPress

Repurposing WordPress for alternative intentions.

Systems Integration

Software that tie disparate systems together.

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Software development is a complex process. We understand that your decision to pursue a custom solution and commit to an agency requires a leap of faith. Third Mind has over 20 years of experience delivering successful custom solutions. We are expert at managing your risk. We educate and illuminate as we nurture your concept together. And yes, we will hold your hand.

Let Us Work for You, with You.
Our Process

When it comes to a successful project, expectations are everything. Do we understand what you want? Do we all agree how far out on the complexity spectrum we are going to push development? Do we know where the greatest risks reside? If clients and developers are on the same page, future surprises should be limited.

That said, what should you expect when you work with us?

Pre-Project Input

Every project is different. And any level of functionality can be built given enough time and budget. But there is a sweet spot for all development that is prioritized for the right delivery timeline and the available budget. Helping you find that sweet spot is one of our first goals.

  • Digest requirements and goals
  • Gather input from key stakeholders
  • Consider high-level concept
  • Establish proposal with pricing, phasing andtimeline
Project Discovery

This is where the heavy creative lifting takes place – where we design the technical solution.

  • Clarify requirements – Where requirements are soft or undefined, we suggest a Discovery period where we work with you to solidify features and priorities, which are essential to a successful project.
  • Develop solution concepts –  Third Mind subscribes to the principle that there is always more than one way to solve a business problem through information technology. We strive to present clients with more than one solution concept. There are a host of technological solutions available in the marketplace as well as different ways to apply such. Third-Party software or services may be best, complemented with custom integration and/or proprietary business process automation.  The optimal solution considers your priorities, timeline, and budget.
  • Finalize solution concept
  • Develop architectural design / platform decisions
  • Develop functional specifications
  • Develop the end-user experience (UX)
Prototyping / Proof of Concept (POC)

Multi-function projects benefit greatly from a prototype or proof of concept. Studies have shown that proving the solution in prototype form greatly reduces overhead during the construction phase.  It also positions for incremental development and, in turn, quicker delivery times.

  • Determine the project’s highest risk areas
  • Determine appropriate deliverables for the POC including functional, atheistic, and behavioral aspects
  • Break POC into small phases to allow for frequent client review and collaboration
Project Development

This is essentially the construction phase – where the project is built out and takes it’s form.

  • Configure server / platform / system
  • Integrate design input
  • Develop functionality
  • Integrate content provided by client into the new site
  • Quality assurance
  • Client review / revisions / approvals

When the development is complete, it’s time to refrain from making any further changes so planning can be done for going live.

  • Freeze development
  • Plan implementation
  • Prepare for implementation to minimize obstacles / downtime
  • Implement the site
Post Implementation

Once the site is live, we follow up with tech support and instructions for care and feeding of the new site.

  • Provide tech support for site for pre-detemrined period
  • Provide training
  • Provide documentation
  • Enter conversations about future enhancements or on-going support

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We are an agency who services beyond development. Our guiding principle is to support you and not just your software. We listen; we collaborate; we suggest alternatives; we assess risk; we execute. We are proactive and strategic. We see ourselves as partners in your business and won’t withdraw our exceptional level of customer service after development is complete.

We Care about Your Success.
See For Yourself

The proof is in the pudding, Puddin’. There are a lot of talkers out there in the world: promising the stars along with fractional budgets to go along with their loose talk. Third Mind will tell it to you straight right from the start. Here are a few project examples of our agency stepping up and getting the details right. Every time. Now wouldn’t that be a smarter way to start your project and protect your company’s capital as well as its calendar?

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