Third Mind | Adobe AIR driving the military of tomorrow
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Adobe AIR driving the military of tomorrow

A blog entry about an Adobe Flash/AIR interface for the US military that is used to drive a cutting edge combat robot with an XBox 360 controller.

I wanted to share this because for a short blog entry it touches on a lot of interesting topics for example:

  1. Adobe AIR (see definition below)
  2. High-end game remote control APIs (according to some of the comments there is an API for the Wii-mote)
  3. Using Adobe products in the military
  4. “Wade also mentioned how the XBOX controller is preferred as young troops are accustomed to it” – all i can say is… woah..

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application.

Reading the comments was also interesting.