Third Mind | Adobe Edge
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Adobe Edge

Adobe released a new html tool called Adobe Edge. It’s aim is to help in the creation of html5 websites by allowing you to animate html elements. It’s a “preview” version and has limited functionality but speculation is that this tool will grow over time just as Flash did when it started out.

The animations are done with jquery much like we already do. Right now this tool is just a way for designers to create the same things without having to touch any code. It could definitely make more complex animations a little easier to tame and one of the obvious uses are for html banner ads. There’s no interactivity but Adobe says they are working on that for a future release. There are opportunities to target the Edge created code and add that interactivity by use of jquery but be aware that conflicts might arise if you are already using jquery on your page.

One of the nicer features is the ability to open any html file and animate any element. You can click directly on the preview pane to select the element or use the element tree panel.

To come in future releases:
– embedded fonts
– code view
– interaction
– masks
– html5 canvas support

It’s free for now so take it for a spin!