Third Mind | Babies & Mobile Devices
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Babies & Mobile Devices

What do babies and mobile devices have in common? Small and cuddly, right? The warmth of the screen is soothing, like a newborns’ heartbeat as you fall asleep checking Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (Wait, is that just me?) Is it the hundred’s of pictures with you and your newborn on the phone? (Still me, right?) Sadly, none of the above!

There are 4 times MORE mobile devices sold per day, than babies born!*

4 to 1 : Don't give'em Sad Face!

To quote the small and cuddly Bob Dylan, “..times, they are a changin’!” Is your site ready for this shift in mobile domination? How do you know? How can you check? Easy, grab one of the thousands of mobile devices sold last year and bring your site up in the browser. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

How does your site look? Can you read it? Are the buttons and links large enough for your fingers? Can you navigate around? Did it even load?!? If you cannot get around your own site on a mobile device, how do you expect anyone else to? This has nothing to do with being cutting edge or being a pioneer in mobile web, that ship has sailed. This has EVERYTHING to do with losing customers, losing clients and losing business. That is where we come in! We have been building sites which can respond to their environments, automatically.  Here are a few examples:

Have a look at those links on whatever device you are using to read this newsletter. If you are on a desktop or laptop, have some fun… resize your browser window in and out. Do you notice images getting smaller? Do you notice navigation menus moving, changing sizes, or even adjusting functionally?

These sites employ what is known as Responsive Web Design. With so many devices of varying shapes and sizes, it is simply unsustainable to build a dedicated experience for all devices. Responsive websites showcase content appropriately on multiple devices – using one set of materials, one code set, one solution!

Give us a call and we will guide you down the responsive path. Now, if only we could invent a diaper to adapt and change itself!

*TomiAhonen Consulting Estimates May 16, 2012 :
*The world’s average birth rate is 371,124 per day :