Third Mind | Hack Farm the 2012 Clearleft design retreat / hack event
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Hack Farm the 2012 Clearleft design retreat / hack event

Politmus is the only personal opinion-tracker that gathers your political stance on issues. It has been designed for disenfranchised voters in the UK, who want to feel more connected, in a time where when we have increased participation in everything but government.

Politmus was the concept/working prototype coming out of  Hack Farm 2012.

The process of how they brainstormed and fleshed it all out is just as interesting. Here’s just one example:

With an hour’s preparation, Andy, Harry, Batsey and Boxman devise a creative brainstorming game called “Pivot” as a quick warm up exercise.

They design a game mechanic which involves combining Idea cards to come up with a product concept, collecting Product and Talent cards to build value, and then raising money from other teams by pitching their ideas.

The key creativity mechanic involves forcing teams to ditch one, two or all three of their Idea cards when they draw the infamous Pivot card, thereby forcing teams to constantly generate new product concepts.

Sounds pretty fun!