Third Mind | New Ideas / Methods / Technologies Mtg
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New Ideas / Methods / Technologies Mtg

Individual efforts at technological expansion at 3rdM:
: digital audio tech focused right now (think Logic™ audio mixing classes she has been taking)
: insight from pre-existing blogs and blog products
: has payPal systems insight
: is cross integrating social media feeds. ex: mySpace to Facebook to Twitter feed shares
: electronic distribution of music files and album releases
: RA – put out a “Goodwork™” on her recent success at a 3rd party blog system, customized with an outsourced template

: addicted to Twitter and accessory products (ex: TwitPic)
: cross pollination brought on by sharing across the product offerings
: are their business opportunities hiding in the systems?
: TM – develop a account and list ALL of these cross-pollinating components

: flash flex-builder as output support for generating various solution formats (web, widget, etc.) and script / plug-in libraries. Plug-in avail for deep linking (finding specific content several steps down inside of a pure-Flash site)
: getting involved in Twitter listening tools
: Google Reader as a RSS aggregator helps him keep up with his interests
: TM – can we embed RSS-feed content into our Flash presentation layers
: LDJ – looking into finding a Facebook RSS feed app
: still looking into better / newer / faster / larger learning exercises for Action Scripting. Jan helping with insight and philosophies
: MD – we can find elegance within our processes by stepping back and asking for insight versus applying pure brute force to a process. (the Lucky thinking on his own with Jan’s validation example)
: looking forward to working with more dynamic flash content (think Old Baldy weather app)
: LDJ and MM could be mashing up Javascript and CSS competencies for interesting Conde solutions (can lean on SH for insight)

: is on Facebook – is not on Twitter
: looking into user segmentation and their relative experiences (the difference between segs)
: is now on a Mac day-to-day (an experiment in his principles of platform independence)
: film editing with the iMovie suite (editing, audio, titling using the Flip HD video camera as source)
: iPhone SDK (software developers kit) research and education

design insight informed by pre-existing products (keeping up with the new “expectations”)
: as our client base gets more experienced with the robust functions and shares of SN product offerings, we need to make sure our design responses keep up and reflect today’s / the future’s offerings
: LDJ – can we / should we be developing custom templates FOR 3rd Party source offerings? For client specific applications?
: TM – can we post lists of these systems and services?
: examples:

One Site Social Networking:

Ning Social Networking:

Stumble Upon RSS Aggregator:

Square Space site builder and blogging modules:

Palamino Systems CMS:

Plus all the usual suspects like Word Press and TypePad.

: full immersion marketing and synergy through SM sites, tools, and services. Learning what the business problems are and how we can develop new solutions in response.
: custom TypePad development services for Paula Derrow and Medical Advocates

: Digg tends to be a great resource with specific segmentation (HTML, widgets, etc.)
: Boing Boing blog for design and technology subject matter
: TM – can you share your bookmarks through

: gathering media newsletter materials and market research – trends, services, research that we can re-apply in client contexts
: joined Twitter