Third Mind | Machine Tags for Flickr
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Machine Tags for Flickr

I learned today that Flickr developed something called “Machine Tags”.

The same way we tag our blog posts with keywords we think will help us HUMANS search through our blog archives in the long run, we can use similar tags that will help MACHINES track and display items from an archive.

Here are more details on what flickr Machine Tags are:

Here’s my first attempt on using it!

I installed a pre-made plugin for wordpress that looks for these machine tags, callked Slickr Flickr. For this example, I tagged the images from our third mind holiday dinner from 2008! I tagged them with “thirdmind:xmas=2008”.

This would be great for say a Cónde event, like The New Yorker one we just went to! Anyone who took pictures at the event and uploads them to flickr can just tag their photos with a specific Machine tag that TNY would assign and voila! These images will appear whereever we call on that tag. We’re giving content power to the guests!

Neat, huh?

(NOTE: I used a pre-made plug-in since my example was on wordpress and I didn’t want to sit down and customize a flickr API just for this. You can use these Machine Tags using the Flickr API. Just an FYI!)