Third Mind | Making the Move
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Making the Move

As the world continues to move closer to everything digital, it makes sense that the art of photography experiences a temporary tilt-shift. There’s no denying that a great photographer is defined by the creative eye behind the lens and not by the lens itself. So albeit any photo—whether taken with a Cannon lens or a Smartphone camera—has the potential to speak volumes and garner worldwide praise. It is in this spirit that we filtered through the work of hundreds of standard photographers and smartphonographers to share with you our favorites. From weddings to fashion to travel we celebrate the artists featured below as they interpret life through a modern expressive eye.

See how big brands are starting to take notice. Mobile photographer Chris Ozer (featured below) has been hired by Johnnie Walker to document their brand story on Instagram and more recently by Paypal to help them kickoff their instagram feed New York style!

Photos by Alexander Rudenky

Photos by Alexander Rudenky – view more

Photos by the Good Traveler

Photos by the Good Traveler – view more

Photos by Brock Davis

Photo by Brock Davis – view more

Photos by Ransom Rockwood

Photo by Ransom Rockwood – view more

Photos by Leandra Medine

Photos by Leandra Medine – view more

Photos by Zokus

Photos by Zokus – view more

Photos by Chris Ozer

Photos by Chris Ozer – view more

For today’s focused photographer it is no longer enough to just shoot, add filter, and post. So what’s next? Movement and sound. In fact, tools like Cinemagram, Vine, and Gifstory—and not more megapixels—will sell the next generation of cameras. Here are a few examples: [view image] [view image]. Follow the Third Mind Pinterest page to see more amazing examples.