Third Mind | Map Wars: GoogleMaps Licensure and Open Source Alternatives
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Map Wars: GoogleMaps Licensure and Open Source Alternatives

Last October, you may have heard about Google Maps changing their licensure model from “charge the big boys / free for the people” to “charge for bigs and mediums / free for some”. (The policy, as of Oct 2011, is “pay licensure for any site generating 25,000 map views per day averaged over one quarter”). You may also have heard that Foursquare jumped ship to another map provider, OpenStreetMap, as of February 2012. But have you heard the related fallout?

  • Google is marketing their offerings via a Develop’s Showcase (not scripted for Safari, natch) showing off the latest cool solutions.
  • an article in today’s NYTimes article states that GoogleMaps is still the dominant player (65M users / 16% increase YTD), MapQuest is sliding (35M users / 13% decrease YTD), and Bing is racing forward (9M users / 18% increase YTD)
  • OpenStreetMap is worth checking out given its crowdsourced content base and open source paradigm
  • MapBox appears to be an interstitial interface to OpenStreetMap

Any additional mapping tools that you like the looks of? Add em in the comments!

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