Third Mind | Mississippi Innocence Film,, and TypeKit
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Mississippi Innocence Film,, and TypeKit

We have just released the documentary film website for MIP, its called MississippiInnocenceFilm. This project is on the free infrastructure and utilizes TypeKit for coded font insertions.

A Few Notes on

: Flash or javaScript insertions are NOT allowed on the free system’s infrastructure

: the [slideshow] short code is THEME specific – not all themes offer slideshow functionality. Slides are loaded into the show in the order in which the image files were attached to the page. you cannot control ‘order’ beyond the attachment process

: visual mode, within the Admin, can strip away custom CSS tags. If you notice inconsistent behavior, switch over to html mode and make sure your tags are still in your body content

: we noted that ISPs may cache Custom CSS, thereby rendering the site in either an ‘older version’ or worse ‘in the site’s original template’. Best practice is to not let the client in early to see progress while the site is going through major changes, as they may see older styling

: overall, this project was a 35-40 hour effort. That’s a lot of heavy lifting, features and CMS support for not a lot of money.

A Few Notes on TypeKit

: TypeKit allows you to insert specific fonts into a site —think image based font aesthetics rendered as code— allowing for better SEO and a nicer overall look. Fonts are not 1:1 relational to fonts you use in Extensis. TypeKit offers fonts with similar sensibilities to the fonts we use often.

: TypeKit has several business models, Free for one site (limited number of fonts), for Pay (limited number of fonts – removes the credit tab from the site), and for Pay professional (many fonts, many sites)

: one merely signs up the site via Typekit, gets assigned an javascript embed tag (for a ‘regular’ site) or an access code (in a WordPress context, for embedment in the admin). The CSS process is quite straightforward from there – here are additional details from Typekit.