Third Mind | Berklee College of Music: Admissions System
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Berklee College of Music

Custom Programming of a Self-Aware Admissions Systems

Competition for top-tier talent in the private university space is at an all-time high. Conversely, the product offerings for turn-key, customizable, university-level admissions systems are onerous at best. Berklee College of Music reached out to us with an idea: Is it possible to develop an admissions system which could flex across a number of organizational parameters while also providing a degree of flexibility which non-tech administrators could maintain? As usual, the Third Mind optimists went into ‘discovery’ and ‘proof-of-concept’ mode to make sure everyone’s considerations could be taken into account. Our answers led to a power chord inflected emphatic ‘yes’!!

Lighters up, y’all!


Edu Programs





You See Challenges / We See Opportunities

This project had to serve interests across highly diverse departments, a number of schools and programs within the institution (yearly programs, summer programs, international schools and study abroad programs, etc.), and special requirements for different student typologies (multiple programs, ongoing program changes, bringing on new audiences, scheduling interviews).

Solutions and Strategies

Because the Admissions system required so much flexibility, we developed a tool using Flo technology to allow Berklee’s developers to create any Admissions process they needed at any time. Think about that for a second: We built a system which allows the system to build itself. Infinitely customizable using simple drag-and-drop command inputs to establish the new neural pathways of the admissions system.

But Wait… There’s More

While we were developing the system, new ideas came along: What about gathering student profiles? What about gleaning a student artist’s interests? If we knew the student’s interests, could we customize the nature of the news content we push their way? We just acquired a Salesforce CRM… can the system speak to that as well?

Our answers were usually a ‘yes’, a ‘yes’, and followed by a ‘yes’, but we’ll throw in a few ‘have you ever thought of this…?’ alternatives in there as well. We’ll keep you on your toes and right-side-up. Promise.

Top 3 Special Challenges

What We Enjoyed About This Project

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