Third Mind | Pantone: Marketing Support
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Pantone Marketing Support

Global Agency of Record for Over 10 Years


Think about that for a second… How many firms, playing on the global stage on which Pantone has excelled, can you name that have been able to hold a global agency of record position for 10 years? Now… map the ups and downs of the dotcom booms and busts over the course of 10 years (that’s like 70 years in the dog & tech industries). We’re rightfully proud of our partnerships and collaboration with Pantone – we think you would be too.

Measurable Objectives

Third Mind provided a broad range of technical, marketing, and digital evangelism programs over the course of our relationship with Pantone. Incremental steps began with developing their website presence, followed by e-commerce systems, further expanded across their global commerce channels. Our early, measurable, successes led us to collaborate on Webby Award™ honored community outreach programs such as myColor myIdea, as well as fun initiatives like myPANTONE, PANTONE Universe, and Colorstrology®.

We won’t overwhelm you with the dozens —hundreds?— of projects we completed together, but we would like to share a few highlights:

The dotcom initiative was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. When we began, Pantone had a home built site from the 90’s, a new product design edict from Pentagram, and a desire to change. Third Mind was there to help develop the strategy, the technical architectures, and to code the solution.

Soon after, we were asked to develop e-commerce systems and expand the initiative globally across a range of partner divisions and supporting agencies. That site continues to run, today.

Pantone X-REF App

The world of color management operates on many simultaneous planes: paper, cloth, plastic, leather, RBG, CMYK, Hexadecimal, ISO, SWOP, etc. We thought a digital cross-referencing tool might help clear up any confusion and help guide customers to the right product solutions. The Pantone X-REF App was born: equal parts UX, color standards algorithm monster, and all around smooth operator. Who knew you could make color standards fun?

(Hint: that’d be Third Mind + Pantone).

myColor myIdea

A Webby Award™ Honoree in the Community category

Pantone inspires fervor in their customer base. We’re talking about people who love color; who dream in color… speak in color. While working with the C-suite of the organization, we were looking for opportunities to further expand on Pantone’s passionate community.

myColor myIdea emerged as a showplace / sketchbook —pre-dating Instagram and Facebook— allowing designers and fans to express their color-driven projects and inspirations. A great concept and a fantastically intuitive interface that was so successful we collected a stack of awards for the collaboration. Our first Webby Awards™ honoree!

Pantone Product Finder

Pop Quiz: You’re trying to boost sales and you have a range of product offerings across a number of verticals. What’s your next move?

We worked with the brain trust at Pantone to develop a product finder / configurator which could help products find customers. See what we did there? We eased the effort on behalf of the customer. Through a sentient UX, the visitor simply had to answer 2 questions (‘What is your business?’ and ‘What do you need to solve?’) to get your product recommendations. Pop your fave new products right in the cart: one-click.

Remember: it’s always harder to produce tech that appears simple, but it’s worth it. Every time.

The (Not-So) Great Recession

With the sale of Pantone in the late 2000s, the marketing goals and philosophy shifted from a focus on creative brand engagement and culture-building to pragmatic product unit sales. Sadly, it was time to move on and make room for today’s version of Pantone.

They will always hold a special place in our hearts and minds.

What We Enjoyed About This Relationship

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