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The Road Company

Taking Broadway from Coast-to-Coast

Fun fact: Not only is New York City’s Broadway the longest street in America, it is considered by some to be one of the longest continuously named streets in the world. NYC bravado aside, our favorite trivia tidbit points toward the other Broadway. The show-stopper, the big finale, the standing ovation in a perfectly lit theater. That Broadway…

Imagine our thrill when one of the leading Broadway agencies reached out to Third Mind with an eye toward automating their business processes. The Road Company is an independent theatrical booking company who distributes award-winning musicals, plays, and attractions across North America. Have you happened to catch a little ditty called Wicked in your neighborhood? Well, that was brought to you in large part by The Road Company and, in some part, by the software that Third Mind developed for them. While you were laughing, crying, enjoying, and singing along… our systems were wrangling contracts, producers, venues, schedules, deals, routes, teamsters, and stacks of logistics.

We think curtsy or two might be in order…


Performances (and counting)

Applied Technical Solutions
  • A .Net and SQL Server-driven metrics management system
  • Sentient routing calculators and recommendations engines
  • SQL Server stored procedures extracting to XLS and MSword (for constituents that still think in hardcopy)
  • Workflow and document management
  • Multi-point 3rd party integration
  • Developed on our servers; staged and deployed on the client’s servers
  • GitHub / client repository utilized for version control

Admin / Monitoring Functions


Status Tracker Zones


Years of Increased Productivity


Github Commits

What We Enjoyed About This Project

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