Third Mind | Recent Posts Widget Extended
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Recent Posts Widget Extended


We found this Recent Posts Widget Extended plugin useful so I wanted to share it here.
The plugin as the name indicates extends the features of the Recent Posts Widget. Here is a list of some of those features:

  • You can set the title url
  • Display by date, comment count or random
  • Display thumbnails, with customizable size and alignment
  • Display excerpt, with customizable length
  • Display from all, specific or multiple category
  • Display from all, specific or multiple tag
  • Display post date and you can set the format
  • Default thumbnail
  • Read more option
  • Post type option
  • Custom CSS
  • Multiple widgets
  • Support Get the Image plugin

Screenshot of the widgets interface:
We used this widget together with the AMR Shortcode Any Widget plugin. This plugin allows you to use any widget as a shortcode in a page or post with any theme.

To use these plugins together there are a couple of steps. Once they are both installed go to the Widgets area of the WP Admin. The Recent Posts Widget Extended will be available and also on the right side the Shortcode area will become available. Drag The Recent Posts Widget Extended to the Shortcode panel on the right. To place this as a shortcode on a page use the shortcode [do_widget id= title=false]. In order to find the unique ID of the widget you will need to do the following:

How to find out the widget id?

In the post or page where you have entered the shortcode, add to the url:
(replace ? with & if you already have a ?)

If the do_widget shortcode fires, then it will list your sidebars and the widget ids and a bunch of other statements. Find the shortcode sidebar and see what the id of the widget is.

After that enter the id into the shortcode, example: [do_widget id=rpwe_widget-4 title=false]
The Widget comes with solid CSS styling out of the box. But is customizable as needed.