Third Mind | Restarting Your Mind
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Restarting Your Mind

Recently, Robert was recounting a meeting he had had with Lucky on the Cubism project. The meeting needs were two-fold; it required creative, conceptual discussion as well as review of tactical items. While we all may know that we have to think differently to engage those two very distinct types of activities, it’s not always easy or seamless to switch gears mid-stream. Robert made it a point to note, during the meeting, when it was time to move from conceptual to tactical. It was at that point that Lucky said, “Wait.” He then proceeded to pick up a pencil and scribble on a piece of paper. When he was done, he said that he was ready to proceed.

It was apparent to Robert by the results of the second half of the meeting, that that seemingly simple, physical act allowed Lucky to make the mental shift required of the exercise. Robert was intrigued by this tactic, which is why he shared this story with me. I’ve since incorporated this tool into my daily multi-tasking world and have found it very effective with respect to changing hats and focus quickly and effectively.

This method could be used for any time you need to change directions. If your world is a hectic as mine, I recommend you give it a try!