Third Mind | SELF Healthy Kitchen Tasting Party
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SELF Healthy Kitchen Tasting Party

We were fanning through office lunch menus and could not find any healthy places to order from—when out of the cosmos one of our brilliant engineers blurted out, “I’m buying one of those entrées from SELF Healthy Kitchen”. We had just launched so I was somewhat familiar with their line of healthy frozen foods and really curious if the entrées taste as good as they look. This can only mean one thing… Tasting Party—coming right up!

Our front-end web developer confessed he had already checked the store locator and the healthy frozen foods were not sold at a store nearby, however, they are available near his home in Clifton, New Jersey. So naturally, we decided to move forward with the tasting party and try all of the SELF Healthy Kitchen entrées—perhaps this would help our team stay trim and be more health conscious. This past holiday we were all gifted UP bands to help track our movement so it made sense that we also monitor our food portions and make healthier choices. The entrées look truly tasty so we were anxious to get the party started.

SELF Healthy Kitchen

When the entrées arrived, we spread them all across the conference room table and began to rate each one. All eight entrées tasted flavorful, with moist, tender chicken or beef; fresh-tasting vegetables; and whole-wheat pasta or quinoa and wild rice blend in flavorful sauce. We decided on the following criteria to see which we loved the most: overall taste, how the entrées compared to the packaging, were the portions satisfying, and would we buy again. The votes were tallied; below are the winning results starting with the most delicious…

SELF Healthy Living Products

1. garden chicken alfredo with pasta and vegetables
2. three cheese lasagna with beef and marinara
3. mediterranean style chicken and pasta in a white wine sauce
4. southwest style vegetable enchilada with rice and sweet potatoes
5. grilled drunken chicken with cilantro-lime brown rice
6. southwest style chicken enchilada with rice and sweet potatoes
7. southwest style beef enchilada with rice and sweet potatoes
8. steak with portobello mushroom in a red wine sauce

Does this mean Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes are banned from the office? Hardly. But it certainly opened our eyes to tasty and healthy frozen foods. The site was fun to work on and we’re very proud of it—little did we expect that this project would have an impact on how our team orders lunch. If only the SELF Healthy Kitchen entrées were available near our South Street [NYC] office!