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A Custom Focus

Our services best fit the client who has a critical need that isn’t fully satisfied by an existing service or product. While we may customize available products as part of an overall solution, our custom development extends beyond the box. Third Mind provides the technical underpinnings which enable you to provide truly unique services.

We focus our development effort across 4 types of applications:

Attention to Detail
Custom Applications

A custom application may be required when the software you need is not available on the market, or when the software that is available doesn’t fit your special needs.

Custom application development is not for the faint of heart. It may be more cost-effective to customize an existing product instead of building your own from scratch. You may not get exactly what you want, but you will benefit from the existing product’s assets. A clear sense of your timeline, budget, and risk tolerance can help us help you make that decision.

Depending on how detailed your concept is, we may suggest a discovery period to flesh out the project requirements, a specifications phase to develop the programming architecture and design, or a prototyping exercise to create aspects of the concept – from the functionality of the riskiest elements to a minimum viable product. Once we understand the degree to which the idea has been considered – along with your business goals – we can make recommendations for appropriate development phases.

Process Automation

Process automation may be desired when there are opportunities for software to run your business. We aren’t talking about software tools commonly used to support your business (like email clients and accounting software), rather, we are referring to software that recreates the processes of your business, streamlines and automates them. This kind of development enables your staff to efficiently and effectively DO the work needed in a fraction of the time.

Benefits may include reductions in staff and HR overhead, time for task completion, human error, infrastructure, space needs, consumables, and shipping costs. Benefits may also include organizational enhancements as well as consistency in both internal and external communications.

As with custom application development, understanding the value of your financial investment and a reasonable return on that investment is critical to the success of business process automation.

Custom WordPress

WordPress is one of the most robust and highly-supported Content Management Systems available today.  Originally conceived of as an open source blogging platform, it is cost-effective, quick to launch and highly extensible through custom and pre-built components.

Many services and agencies can deploy a WordPress website on your behalf.  Our services would be most beneficial if you would like to take advantage of WordPress’s features, but would want the site to perform differently than it was originally intended. We can customize the software, manipulating the system to behave as you need, not necessarily as WordPress was specified. This provides for a semi-custom application that minimizes your investment.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is most helpful when your business engages various services across multiple departments; but those services are stand-alone products that don’t talk to each other.

  • Does your fundraising platform inform the activities in your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software?
  • Is the data captured on your website stored in your CRM?
  • Are documents prepared for your clients automatically available on the website’s extranet portal?

These are just some examples of how systems integration can be helpful to your business.

We can help connect those services in an automated fashion.