Third Mind | Six Seconds Away From a Visual Country
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Six Seconds Away From a Visual Country

Social media and mobile advertising have not been the same since the introduction of Vine in 2013. Over 40 million users on Vine generate content for an approximate 100 million people who watch vines monthly. All along, Meagan Cignoli, named The Hubbies 2014 Digital Entrepreneur of the Year, has been at the forefront making the most stylized six second stop-motion videos. She started long before loops were being tracked and way before the “Do it for the Vine” catchphrase went viral. Nowadays, the top Viners can be defined by why they do it for the Vine. Does Jerome Jarre “do it for the Vine” to be philanthropic, KingBach for the movie roles, and Jason Nash to get his KICKSTARTER Vine Movie funded? So, while some are doing it for the “re-Vines”, others do it simply to be “Vine famous”. But not all—some do it for the Brands. Ask Meagan. Though she was the original “It Girl” of Vine, Meagan remained true to her innovative stop-motion styled Vines—quickly garnering the attention of big brands.

“At first it was an obsession [making Vines] and within a few weeks I was hired by three major brands, Lowes, Puma, and Ebay. More and more brands emailed me every day, until I needed to start training a team to do what I do” said, Meagan, owner of Visual Country by Meagan Cignoli.

Meagan quickly became the main production agency to produce videos for Vine but staying true to her craft is what really paid off. Visual Country is now responsible for creating digital content for over 150 of the largest brands around the world—BMW, YSL, Coca-Cola, Samsung, NBC, Lowes, Nike, Clinique… the list goes on. Productions range from small to large, winning numerous awards, including a Cannes Lion Award, 4A’s O’Toole Award, Art Directors Award, One Show gold and silver, and a silver and bronze in the London International Awards.

Megan’s earlier vines included her friends; many of which are today’s top viners, Nicholas Megalis, Jerome Jarre, and Rudy Mancuso – all of whom have surpassed 4 million followers. But only after deciding to move to L.A., where the streets are paved with glitter and gold. While the top Viners like KingBach, Nash Grier, and Brittany Furlan are movin’ up in Hollywood by way of films, commercials, and TV roles, Meagan and her growing team are movin’ up the corporate ladder. Literally. Her offices will be relocating this summer to a significantly larger space in the Wall Street area with more shooting stations. Visual Country has grown so much they’re in the process of expanding their creative, business, marketing, and development teams.

#stop this is a #VineAlert… I was looped in seconds ago—Visual Country will be launching a creators platform in a matter of weeks. The Visual Country Platform is designed to do the heavy lifting for Brands and Agencies looking to work with top-notch social and digital media talent; a digital team for your next campaign—matched by Meagan Cignoli’s team of experts. It will become home to over 500 of the most talented social media influencers, models, dancers, stylists, make up artists, hair stylist, editors, designers, illustrators, directors, and actors that have collaborated on over 200 of Visual Country’s social campaigns in the last two years. It will be free to content generators, exclusive at first by Meagan’s invitation only. Brands and Agencies will be paired with a dedicated account manager per campaign. There you have it. Meagan continues to do it for the Brands. So plan to tap into this vast pool of content generators to meet your marketing strategy goals and find out why so many love Meagan, the “It Girl” at Visual Country. The timing is just right—according to Julian Mitchell, Forbes contributor, social network television is the next wave of digital entertainment.

Kate Spade, if you’re listening… Meagan dreams of working on your campaigns. If the six degrees of separation theory holds true then Megan’s six seconds of Kate Spade are just a few loops away. In that spirit, Meagan, here are Burt Cast Iron and Cam Benson–two creative content producers that also caught our attention and could be likely candidates for your Visual Country Platform.