Third Mind | Social Scraper: the little application that could
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Social Scraper: the little application that could

Five years ago, we developed a platform we called the social scraper. Third Mind had a hunch, with the rise of social media and mobile-first content, that we could develop a series of APIs and algorithms which could use the social media ecosystem to our advantage. Through a simple content management interface we could literally change the nature of our portfolio website to reflect topics and content orbiting our service offerings.

Upon loading the site, the various API channels reached out and scraped the latest content for display:

Scraped content could then be parsed by channels and categories, such as web projects we had in motion:

A site visitor could also sort and explore programs and offerings developed for our clients, such as any current mobile initiatives:

My favorites were the specialty channels, such as scraping from the entire team’s twitter-verse:

The tricky scrapes from everyone’s headphones were fun too. Here is a combo from iTunes, Spotify, and

Now that social media has become ubiquitous, we have chosen to reformulate our website in a new quest for Github glory. We thought a tip of the hat to our social-scraper would be a nice way to thank all the good folks for the Goodwork™ that was our intriguing little website. It really was a fun project built with a whole lot of can-do spirit along with a side of just because it’s never been done before, doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

I like that.