Third Mind | Story + Creative Use of Social Media = Powerful
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Story + Creative Use of Social Media = Powerful

I’ve always said… “It all starts with a compelling story.” In this case, however, I find it hard to know where the story ends and the implementation begins! It could be this example is the perfect collision of story-telling¬†and it’s technological implementation.

This story was told creatively and powerfully via a variety of social media channels. The method encouraged a highly-charged, emotional response. Most importantly, the manner in which technology was utilized changed the nature of the dialogue by distancing the distractions surrounding it and spotlighting the most important element so clearly that no one could miss the point!

Please give the full video your attention; it shares insight into the story, it’s viral implementation, and ultimately satisfying results – all in just 2 1/2 brief minutes.

Kudos to the cleverness of it’s creators. Enjoy!