Third Mind | Super Bowl Tally: Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+
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Super Bowl Tally: Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+

I ran across an interesting informal tally of this weekend’s Super Bowl commercials. The premise was: “Of the big 3 Social Media networks, which had the most mentions during the commercial breaks?”. The survey tallied 52 commercial spots, between the kickoff and the 0:00 end of the game, excluding NFL and CBS ads referring to their properties. The tally:

  • Twitter: 26 mentions out of 52 ads

  • Facebook: 4 mentions

  • Google+: 0 mentions

This is a huge shift from last year’s game where Facebook and Twitter shared an equal number of mentions. Let’s keep two things in mind: 1) Google+ is considered the second largest social network now (I know…, but that’s the puffed up stats) and 2) When we are pitching Twitter campaigns, we must keep in mind the target demographic for the outreach. Just because Twitter is huge and constantly in our sights, it does not mean that it fits all campaign demos.¬†Food for thought.

Check out the ad tallies article.