Third Mind | Third Mind is Made in New York
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Third Mind is Made in New York

After 18+ years of experience in internet technology, the city of New York welcomes Third Mind with open arms. Third Mind is dedicated to providing you with elegant technological solutions to showcase your Goodwork.

We Are Made In New York is an economic development initiative that supports the city’s vibrant tech community by highlighting job opportunities in the sector, celebrating the growing number of NYC-based digital companies, and providing access to resources and programs that help tech companies grow, and novices learn how to become part of the innovation ecosystem. The Made in NY “Mark of Distinction” is awarded to digital companies that base at least 75% of development within the five boroughs, have one employee and at least 10,000 users or monthly visitors.  Learn more about the MadeinNY program.

“We are officially MadeinNY and proud of our contributions to the NY tech and digital community.”   Teresa Maslonka – Third Mind, the Prez

Third Mind, Inc: Creativity + Responsibility = integrity to the 3rd power.
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