Third Mind | twitter @anywhere y’all!
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twitter @anywhere y’all!

hey guys,
check out this description of the new functionality about to be released by twitter. it’s called @anywhere

this isn’t the new geo-locator you’ve been hearing buzz about. rather it’s a functional pop up that you can layer over your handle in any site so that visitors to that site can interact with that twitter account without having to go to twitter. it’s tres cool.

this functionality hasn’t been officially released yet but it’s just around the corner. once out, we’ll learn more about integration details.

RDA: this is something to add to the social media links project for pantone. i see this as a hover-over the myPANTONE member’s handle.

BM / MD: maybe there are IDF or conde blogs that we can incorporate this into?
RDA: when we know more about the integration technology, maybe we can suggest it for 9 rooms?

just a few ideas – i’m sure you creative geniuses will come up with others! enjoy!