Third Mind | twitter integration with sites
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twitter integration with sites

hey folks-

i did a little research today in integrating twitter within a website.  i didn’t know how difficult/easy this would be, so i did a few tests.  as it turns out, this is SUPER easy!  have a look at what i did with a friend’s website:

if you look just below the navigation, you will see a little window.  this is my friend’s latest tweet.  the code for this is done by twitter, you just copy and paste it.  it is a flash widget with some customization available.  (ie: main color, link font color, link font size and over all size of the “window”).

you can also have a larger flash based widget which is more of a full twitter site.  as well, you can have text based versions which are javascript based.  the bottom line is, adding twitter into some of the marketing sites we deal with, could be a cool idea.

have a look through this link: